Thankful for the Dichotomy Between New Trends and Old Wisdom

Day 2,187

There’s such a beautiful dichotomy between new trends and old wisdom.

Life constantly changes, evolves, and throws out new products, systems, and ideas. If you look at the world through one lens almost everything is new. It can get tiring to try to remember which social medias we’re supposed ot keep up with, what technology we’re supposed to have in our pocket, and all that.

On the reverse of that, many of the new things aren’t really new when looking through a different lens. Most ideas are an improvment upon old foundations which have long since been established. At the end fo the day face to face conversation with beat the effectiveness and intimacy of phone calls, emails, texts, and Zooms. Many of our challenges are the same we’ve faced before, but only in new clothing.

Over the past week I’ve had several reminders of just how much has changed while almost nothing truly has. It’s been wild! When I remember to pause and think about something new I can also remember a similar thing from a different time and then use that past experience to help solve the new. Funny how history repeats itself.

It’s easy to be dazzled by the brilliance of new, but it’s also simple to remember to learn from the old scars too.


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