Day 52 – Thankful for a Great Morning Run in Unusually Warm Weather

Since our run this morning the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees and the wind has increased by almost 20 mph.  How crazy is that?  Hello Mr Cold Front!

The way this morning started off was pretty awesome.  Our normal early morning run and it was 58 degrees!  That’s like PERFECT running weather, not too hot, not too cold.  The moon was still bright so I was able to shut off my headlamp most of the way.  

As the run started it just felt right.  I played an excellent tune by Avicii and felt everything click right away.  My legs were loose and feeling great and I hit my rhythm quickly.  We shot the bull for a while and then fired up another song.  Back to quiet and talking and then back to another song.  It felt wonderful!  Nice dose of Gaslight Anthem to bring it home and 4 miles were in the bag.  So peaceful, relaxing, and serene in a state of flow.

It was one of those “that’s why I run” runs.  The ones that just feel right and that I hope to feel every single time I lace up the shoes.  Of course that’s not realistic and the painful and torurous runs remind me of how much to appreciate the fantastic ones like today.

As an interesting side note, this pic was in my Facebook feed from 5 years ago…

It cracks me up to think that it was below freezing then and this morning it was almost balmy…  I am very thankful for the great weather!



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