Day 53 – Thankful for Fall Comfort Food

Yoga felt great this morning and I’m glad that we did the 75 minute session for my first time in a couple of months 😉  

We cleaned the garage for winter and got everything away which was a great sense of accomplishment.

Less than 40 minutes before Fantastic Beasts was playing we spontaneously decided to take the boys to the matinee.

Spending our first full Saturday at home with no agenda was awesome!

All that said, there’s just something about delicious stick to your bones food on the first truly cold day of the year that just feels so right!  Becky fired up a recipe that I’ve loved since childhood…  Mexican Hero Sandwiches!

Delicious strips of bacon under Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, all atop a fantastic mix of ground turkey, onion, and chili peppers…  ahh…  cold weather lunch perfection!

Thanks for soothing the savage beast that is my appetite Becky!


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