Day 45 – Thankful for Transforming the DREADmill Into the DREAMmill

I may have mentioned this before, but when I think of running on a treadmill I change its name.  It is not a treadmill…  it is a DREADmill.  It is boring.  It is a long slow road to nowhere, literally.  I run miles and am still in the same place.  Sometimes I’ll trick myself out by watching a movie, but when I do that I lose a part of the run that makes me want to run.  When I need to tread it, I dread it.

This morning I woke up early in my hotel in OKC and decided to run inside.  I didn’t know the area very well and didn’t feel like exploring so I went into a workout room just a little bit larger than a closet.  There were two dreadmills in the room.  I chose one and as I stepped on another franchisee stepped on the other.  As I turned on the TV to numb the boring-ness I quickly realized that the TV monitor on it didn’t work.  ARGH!!!  At that point I really started to dread it.

After running a couple of miles a Bruce Springsteen song came on that reminded me of running with Becky (Loving You Is A Man’s Job 😂).  I smiled and as I stared at the wall I thought of the times I’ve either played it or joked with her about that song as we went on a run together.  

Suddenly another song jumped into my head, More Than Life by Whitley.  I quickly loaded it up and next thing I knew I wasn’t on the dreadmill anymore.  I was somewhere else.

As the lyrics sang about “the sun on her face and the touch of lover’s hands” I was running with Becky on Route 19 just north of Hilo, Hawaii.  We were on a nice morning run in the sun, looking over the coast and then into the valley at the waterfall.  We were joking around in the cool sea breeze as we ran, the smell of the ocean in my nose.  It was awesome, it was perfect.  

Next thing I knew the last couple of miles were done.  One moment I was on the dreadmill, the next it was a dreammill.  It was amazing to think that I could have that great of an experience.  I need to remember which one to choose as I run inside this winter.



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