Day 46 – Thankful for Almost Back to Normal

After flying in late last night we were off and running right away this morning.  A friend was getting married up in the Cities so we packed up the boys and headed up to my mom’s.

The wedding and reception were a lot of fun!  In between and now afterwards we get to hang out with my mom and StepBrad.  It should be a pretty fun and relaxing night.

It was a great step in getting almost back to normal.  The last couple of weeks have included a vacation, a very busy weekend including a wedding, one incredibly jam packed day in the office, a great rest of the week in training that kept my brain full and running full steam the entire time, to now being back with the family, on the road, at another wedding, and chilling with family.  It’s crazy busy but it feels great.

While most of the time Becky and I have spent together over the past 24 hours has been in the car it has been wonderful having time with just the two of us to talk and get caught up.  With the boys along at different times it’s started feeling like I’m about to get back in my normal groove, things are almost back to normal and I’m thankful for that.

Now to emphasize that point by having a normal night at Mom’s with Southern Comfort Old Fashioneds 🙂



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