Day 47 – Thankful for Spending Time at My Mom & StepBrad’s

With the Glahn wedding this weekend we figured it would be a great time to head up to my mom’s for the weekend.  It worked out pretty slick, Mom and StepBrad took care of the boys during the wedding ceremony, we all hung out again, they watched the boys during the reception and then we hung out again.


We had a lot of fun shooting the bull and catching up while playing games and playing with their new dog, Ruger.  After a while we had a drink or two, watched a movie and a half (I may have fallen asleep part way through one) and just relaxed.  In the morning we loaded everyone up, went to my mom’s church and the boys helped her hold the doors and hand out programs.  From there we went back to her house for lunch, watched the Packers get beat up and then headed back home.

While I don’t know that there was any one thing that was incredibly out of the ordinary that I would typically remember, that was part of what was so great about the time together.  It was just like normal and it felt great!  Nothing crazy, just the same old type of hanging out that we normally do together, and it was awesome!  Just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a crazy month.

Without this blog I would have left feeling very relaxed and moved on.  With this blog I remember to take a step back and appreciate awesomely normal moments that may have been taken for granted in the past.  Thanks Mom & StepBrad for a great time!



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