This morning was filled with moon awesomeness!

It started with a run on a quiet country road with Becky.  The moon was so bright and beautiful that we were able to run the majority of the way without our headlamps on!   There’s something so serene about running in the moonlight and watching your moon shadow run alongside of you on the sand.

The boys were pretty pumped about seeing the super close Super Moon so we woke them up and got them moving quickly.  Somehow they were able to both be ready in under 26 minutes when we normally struggle to get them ready in just over an hour.  Seeing as they were so pumped I took them out to Nelson Park to watch the moonset.  They had so much fun watching the moon slowly set in the bluffs.  We just sat on the deck at the park and watched it slowly sink into the bluffs, turning more orange and getting larger as it dropped.


I have a whole lot of day to go and I’m excited to see how great it will be.  How can it be anything short of awesome when it starts with something so incredible before 7am?



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