Day 44 – Thankful for Finding a Way to Do Something I Love to Help Others

Just a warning, I have promised under penalty of death and awful things that I wouldn’t share specifics of what I am talking about today.  The nice thing is that I can also use Matthew 6:2-4 to help back me up as to why I can’t get into details.  The details don’t matter, what I am thankful for today is finding unique ways to do something I love to do to help others.  I was a part of a small project today that was AWESOME and has gotten my brain thinking big time!  I know, that’s all Kreiling needs is another idea, right?


What got my mind going was the simplicity of the idea we did today.  Take something that I love doing and am usually doing just for fun and without a serious purpose, and turn it into something that can have a large impact on someone else’s life.  Why not try to find the “AND” of happiness AND purpose?  Sometimes the answers on how to make the world a better place are right out in front of us, so simple, so enjoyable, and can help others.   Today taught me an important lesson in keeping an eye out for ways to turn hobbies and enjoyable activities into ways of giving and helping.



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