Day 968 – Thankful for a Couple of Lasts Which Will Lead to a Couple of Firsts

Just a couple of nights ago my brother and I were talking about my niece playing her last home soccer game while she’s in high school.  It threw us both for a loop thinking that she’s about to graduate.  Nothing like a big change to help us see the movement of time from one stage of life to the next.


Tonight we had a couple of lasts, but the fun part is in remembering that they are both leading to a couple of firsts as well.  Dominic had his last middle school sporting event (and did very well, breaking his season long goal of a sub 6:00 mile).  Gavin had his last band concert of elementary school.  They are both in their last couple of weeks of middle and elementary school.

It’s one of those “holy crap, where did the time go” moments for Becky and I as we see just quickly the past few years have flown by.  Just as we pause and think about how much they’ve both grown we are quick to look forward to the next new beginnings for both of them this next school year.  It’s wild to think that next year we won’t have an elementary school student, but we will have a high schooler…  Crazy!

Today I’m thankful for these couple of “lasts” that helped me release just how fast life flies by and I’m just as thankful for the future “firsts” that will begin soon.  All that said, it felt incredible to just get lost in the present and enjoy time with them both today.


Day 967 – Thankful for Bonding and Learning Time with Mentors, Helpful Coaching, and the Goberville Goodie Bag

It’s been a pretty wild 36 hours for me with a ton of learning and thought time.  Normally this is about the time when I’d say my brain was full, but all of it was too good I’ve been lost in my thoughts in a very positive way!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bond with and learn from some of my Express mentors.  Not only did we talk business, share ideas from past experiences, and help set future paths but we spent time just being with each other and bonding.  Time away from the office is tough to pull off, but well worth it.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with all of them and my peers.

Today in our Menomonie office we were joined by our Regional Developer, Joy Goberville.  I’d invited her up to our office to spend some time helping me out with some coaching and she was happy to help out.

As per usual she can in and gave me what I lovingly call the “Goberville Goodie Bag.”  Every time she comes to visit she brings a bag of yummy snack age and health stuff to brighten our smiles.  Her presence alone is all I’m looking for, but her thoughtful treats are certainly appreciated also!


The purpose of her visit today was to help “coach the coach” as I wanted her feedback on what I could be doing better as a leader for my teams.  She sat with me all day long as we had our 1 on 1 coaching sessions and team meetings and spent time downloading with me afterwards.  Her advice was spot on, honest, and simple to apply.  By the end of the day I was already feeling like there were a handful of things I had already started to implement to help my teams.  I am so thankful for that coaching in the moment, it has already made a difference!

Thank you to everyone who helped to coach and mentor me over the past couple of days, I appreciate your help greatly!!!


Day 966 – Thankful for a Ridiculously Beautiful Sunrise Over the Black River

Day 966 – Thankful for a Ridiculously Beautiful Sunrise Over the Black River

It’s been a fantastic day in so many ways today, so many things for which I am grateful. Throughout the day my thoughts and imagination often wandered back to something I saw very early in the morning. Quite honestly, I don’t think I really have to write much more than this and let the pictures speak for themselves (& no, they have not been edited in any way).

God, Dude, you really outdid yourself today, that was some strong work! Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty this morning.


Day 965 – Thankful for 870+ Beads of Courage, Getting to Know a Teammate Better, and an Early Morning Walk with Becky

This morning started off on a high note as Becky and I went for an early morning walk.  I am so thankful for find pockets of stillness in our days to spend together.

At Kid’s Cup tonight I was able to spend some time with a teammate and it was awesome getting to know him better.  It was pretty awesome hearing that we have some similar interests.  How could I not be thankful for someone I’m able to talk about outdoor vacations with? 🙂


What still has me in awe tonight was the strength of a little boy and his beads of courage.      Every year at Kid’s Cup there is a family who speaks about how the funds raised from Kid’s Cup have impacted their lives.  The family tonight included a little boy with leukemia that was diagnosed this past 4th of July.

One of the programs supported with the money raised is Beads of Courage.  Every time one of the children has a procedure done or is poked with a needle they get a bead.  In less than a year this kid earned 870+ beads.  When his mom said that he wanted to show them to everyone his dad set a box on the floor, grabbed one end of the string and proceeded to walk across the front of the room.  After about twenty feet he finally had them all out of the box.  I was overcome with just how much this one happy title boy has already endured – and I can’t even imagine just how tough and brave he’s been.  He’s earned each of those beads and is still smiling.  What an inspiration!


Day 964 – Thankful for a Weekend Day at Home with No Agenda

Today has been quite the change of pace compared to the past month and change.  I didn’t have to wake up at any specific time.  There was only one thing planned that I was responsible for today, taking the boys to their Scout meeting at 4:30 and pick them up afterwards.  That was it, nothing else on the agenda.

Wow did it feel great to take things at my own pace.  There was still a lot that got done, but it was wonderful to get it done at the pace I wanted.  I worked for a while and then chilled.  I got a handful of things done that I’ve wanted to do for a while and then got a nice run in.  The boys and I played a game of Catan and then I had time to chill again.

When I was a kid days like this would drive me nuts sometimes, I’d just want something to keep me busy and moving.  Now as an adult days like this are fantastic once in a while!  With getting some work done I feel like I’ve had a chance to re-charge and I’m ready for the busy week ahead.



Day 963 – Thankful for an Excellent Self-Reflection Question – Admiration or Enviousness?

Our deacon tonight gave a fantastic homily focused on the difference between admiring someone and being envious of someone.  To help set the stage, let’s see what the definitions of each are. 

• Admire – Regard with respect or warm approval

• Envy – Desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to someone else

One emotion, admiration, is very positive and helps us learn how to be better people.  The other emotion, envy, is very negative and a major source of our unhappiness. 

When giving example Deacon shared the example of John Lennon and the song All You Need Is Love as it said how easy love is to find.  He’s envious of John’s ability to find love to be easy when so many of us find it to be a continuous work in progress that requires great work and dedication.  He then shared the examples of Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr to show people he admired.  Deacon Dave openly shared that even though he admires those two individuals so much he is certainly not envious of them, especially the sacrifices they both made.

In my head I started to think about the times when I’ve have strong admiration for people.  As I made the mental list my smile grew wider and my heart filled with joy.  I could feel my happiness increase just thinking about why I admired those individual.  I then thought of the people I am envious of.  In some cases they have things I want, live a lifestyle I want, and so on.  As I thought about them my heart sank and the joy left.  Taking time to analyze what just happened I realized I’d violated that major rule of joy.  Joy is not about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you have.  When I thought of those things I wanted my joy fell flat.

This mini thought experiment in church got me thinking.  What a wonderful self-reflection question!  When thinking about a person, their qualities, or their belongings I am going to pause and ask myself that question.  Am I admiring them or am I envious of them?  If I am admiring, how can I focus on what I specifically admire about the person and try to live it more in my life.  If I am envious I can pause and think about what I wish I had.  Why do I want that?  Do I already having something similar?  Do I have something different or better?  How can I turn it into wanting what I have?  In either case, admiration or envy, I can use the thought process to help me learn more about myself while adding a little joy to my life.  Not too shabby!



Day 962 – Thankful for Winding Down After a Busy Week

Today’s post is totally a short one as I am going to maximize the subject of tonight’s blog 😉

This week has been crazy busy all the way through. Not in a bad way or anything, just one of those nonstop weeks that didn’t involve much for actual downtime.

After blogging I’m totally plopping my butt on the couch, popping open a beer or two, and possibly falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie with the family. Normally I’m a go go go kind of guy, but tonight I’m thankful for the time to just wind down after a busy week!