Day 958 – Thankful for Starting the Morning with This Calming View

The alarm went off entirely too early this morning. I wasn’t ready to be jolted out of bed when it started it’s infernal bleating. As I stretched I considered going to back to sleep, but instead I sighed loudly and rolled out of my warm comfortable cocoon until my bare feet touched down on the cold floor. It’s still debatable whether or not I was awake or sleepwalking when I got dressed and ready to go outside. Eventually I found my way out the door to go for an early morning walk with Becky and the girls.

As soon as we started walking I felt so much better and breathed in the cool fresh air. The birds were singing away as we walked down a quiet road with no traffic. At one point I paused to take a picture of the beautiful scene…

And just like that I felt a powerful sense of calm that stuck with me through the entire day. No matter what happened, good or stressful, my thoughts would gravitate back to that calming view and I knew everything would work out exactly the way it should.

It took a while for me to get up and get moving this morning, but I’m so thankful I did!


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