Day 957 – Thankful for a Road Trip to Spend Time with My Mom and Time with Becky On Mother’s Day

This morning the boys and I loaded up and headed up river to my mom’s while Becky went to work for the day.  It was so awesome to spend time with Mom just shooting the bull and relaxing!  Dominic had the great idea to make homemade Mac & cheese (thanks again Shane for the recipe!) so after a quick trip to the grocery store we made lunch together as a family.  After the deliciously dense meal we went for a walk and had more time to just talk and relax together.

It is so easy to get lost in “being busy” all the time and miss opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones.  I’m so thankful for this time we had together today.  There are many memories I have of seemingly little moments that turn out to be fond memories.  Just a hunch, but this one will stick with me (and hopefully the boys) just like the spring walk with my Grandpa Lamping way back in 2001.

Thanks for the awesome time together today Mom!!!  Love you tons and appreciate you greatly!!!


Once we got home I was able to spend some time with Becky catching up on the day.  As I type we’re chilling on the deck and enjoying the sun with the sound of the boys playing baseball in the background.  She’s got some reading and I’ve got some work to get done, but it’s okay.  Sometimes it feels wonderful just being near each other.  Once we both wrap things up we’ll chill as a family to close up another great Mother’s Day.

Thanks for being such an incredible mom to the boys Becky!!!  They’re so lucky to have you in their lives!!!  Love you!!!


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