Day 956 – Thankful for the Places When I Can Feel the Presence of The Big Dude Upstairs

The sermon at church today was focused on the places in which we feel the presence of God.  Pausing to stop and think about where those encounters with The Big Dude Upstairs.  For clarity, that’s the name I use when I think of God, the Universe, or insert what ever your personal preference for the name of a higher power.  Father Dodge was helping us think of those times in which we’ve felt the presence of God and it was very enlightening.

When you’re asked the question, “when have you felt the presence of God?” what comes to your mind?

When I think about it there are so many times when I can feel God’s presence.  Off the top of my head there are a handful of moments that come to mind.  In these moments it may have been something as simple as a nudge.  Sometimes it’s that moment of seeing a bigger picture and realizing the beginnings of just how vast Everything is.

There is a magic to the moments themselves.  Something in those moments has the capacity to change us or point us in the “right” direction.  But the real takeaway for me today was to pause and think about what opened me up to those experiences.

Some of the thoughts that came to mind were while traveling and experiencing the wondrous views of scenic beauty that only could have been created by something much larger than I.  In other times it was only when I paused all of the voices in my head that I could hear what I was supposed to hear.

One of the moments that sticks out to me the most was a touch.  A moment in which I was emotionally broken down and exhausted, but was still trying to put on a strong and happy face.  In that one touch I could feel someone offering help and comfort, something telling me it was okay to admit weakness, a presence of something greater that helped me understand that everything would be okay.  It sounds maybe a little crazy, but that one touch felt was a moment in which I felt God’s love giving me a big hug.  In that one moment I knew everything would be okay regardless of how it felt in the moment.  One simple gesture, such an incredibly profound meaning.

I am so thankful for al of those moments, great and small, in which I can sense the presence of The Big Dude Upstairs.  Those moments remind me of the bigger picture, and I’m so grateful for them.



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