Dad would’ve been 64 years old today.  Throughout the day my thoughts went to memories of times we had together.  There was only one time when I felt a couple of tears starting to come on, but they were quickly replaced with a smile as focused on how much he would’ve enjoyed the day I’ve had.

My morning started off with a long walk with Becky outside as the sun came up.  It was a walk with the sounds of nature all around like Dad would’ve liked.


Once we got home we got the boys moving and I got to spend time with Dominic as I drove him to school early.  Dad always enjoyed those little moments with Nick and I and I fully took advantage of that time with Dominic.

My drive to work included a pretty spectacular mix of deer, cranes, ducks, other wildlife and scenic views. I soaked them in enjoyed the blessings of so much beauty around me.


While grocery shopping Becky and I noticed a huge stack of Mallo Cups, one of his favorites from way back in the day.  I made a beeline for the candy aisle and brought home some “birthday cake” for Dad’s birthday and we all had a couple of “slices.”



Lastly, the boys and I headed out to the workshop to work on a top secret project.  We had some fun up there and as we started to head done I looked at the picture of Dad with the boys and I and wished him a happy birthday.  Gavin smiled and said “how cool that we are doing one of his favorite things on his birthday?”  I couldn’t agree more bud!


As I ate my Mallo Cup I just smiled and thought back to all the times Nick and I ate them with Dad…  How awesome to have so many great memories!


Dad, happy birthday dude!  So thankful to have had you in my life as long as you were.  Love you Bud!


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