Day 954 – Thankful for Gavin’s Solo

It was only couple of days ago when I was thankful for my boys inspiring me and here we are again. Tonight was Gavin’s 4th & 5th grade concert, the last for the Kreiling boys at Summit. During one of the songs, The Sound of Silence, Gavin took the stage front and center for the final solo.

Gavin got up to the microphone and sang all by himself to a pretty good size crowd. In less than 30 seconds my mind was blown and I was so proud of the little dude he is becoming. To be willing to take the stage in front of everyone and do a solo blows my mind. How awesome that his self confidence is high enough to do that?

Gavin, you’ve inspired me to keep an eye out for the opportunities that I might normally shy away from because I’m not sure enough of myself. You reminded me to go for it and do what I enjoy regardless of the thoughts of others. Thanks for the inspiration bud! Love you dude!!!


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