Day 953 – Thankful for Paying Attention to the Nudges the Universe Provides

Today and over the past week or so there were more than a couple of times when I could feel the universe nudging me in certain directions.  When I say a “nudge” I mean this lift subtle push in particular direction.  They’re these cool little moments when I can take a deep breath and think about where it’s pointing me.  In heeding their direction in the past I’ve usually gone in a better direction than the one I was in.

When I have a laser like focus on something I have a tendency of missing those nudges.  Sometimes they can so light that I almost miss them.  Other times I recognize them but choose to ignore them.  In some of those occasions I am left to either learn from my mistake or have a future opportunity to learn that lesson again in the future.

There’ve been a handful of these nudges in the past week and I can’t help but smile at them.  I’ve been noticing some subtle changes that I can make that could help me reach some goals and dreams more quickly.  Even better than that is that there are personal changes I can make that will help others reach their goals more quickly too!

Thanks for the nudges Big Guy, they’re greatly appreciated and I’m taking them in.



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