Day 952 – Thankful for All the Miles My Parents Put On and Drawing Inspiration From Dominic & Gavin

Earlier this evening I talked with my mom for a little while as I drove home from work.  I had to cut the call off early so I could grab Gavin from home and take him to soccer practice.  After he was dropped off I called my mom again and then we hung up so I could run in and eat and get some work done before I had to run back to pick up Gavin.  Then as I drove to pick up Dominic from his track meet I caught myself thinking about just how many miles my parents must have racked up while I was a kid.

I’d like to think that I appreciated them and all the driving they did for me back then, but I think it’s only now as I get older and am the boys’ Uber that I get the basics of what they sacrificed for me.  My mom commented on how when she’s asked trivia about events in the ’80’s she doesn’t often know the answer because the 80’s were a blur of taking care of us boys and working.  I am finally really starting to get it.  Thanks Mom and Dad for all the miles and time you gave for Nick and I!!!


The other thing I caught myself appreciating more than once over the past couple of days was how often I am inspired by my boys.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  I’m pretty sure this equation is supposed to be reversed, but they inspire me more often than they know or than I realize.

Gavin’s high energy, upbeat attitude, and wanting to always talk and spend time together can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  There are times when I just want to get something done and I really need to focus.  Throw a Gavin into the mix and it gets tough. What he does do though is cause me to pause and make sure that what I am doing in that moment is really that important.  Sometimes it is and I ask him to give me space, but then I spend time with him after I am done with the task.  Other times I realize that the most important thing I can be doing is spending time with him.  In those moments I set everything aside and spend time in the moment with him.  He’s seemingly always upbeat and ready to go, his energy inspires me to be happier and get an extra bounce in my step.

Dominic is willing to try and do anything.  Last night in his concert they asked everyone who did a solo to stand up.  I figured almost everyone would stand up, but he was one of only a small handful of kids who did.  Two nights ago he nonchalantly told us he was doing the high jump in track…  something he’d never done before at a meet.  Last night he told me he might have interest in a different sport next year.  Last week he went with a totally different haircut just because.  Dominic is supremely comfortable in his own skin and doing his own thing.  He doesn’t worry about what others think, he just continues to be Dominic.  I absolutely love and appreciate that part of him.  He inspires me to be myself and not to worry about what others may think.  There have been many times when I’ve gone outside of my comfort zone because I have him for motivation.

Both the boys are so much more than those couple of qualities, but those are the pieces of them that have been very inspirational for me recently.  I am so thankful for the way they motivate me to attempt to be a better person.


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