Day 951 – Thankful for Parents Who Take Pictures of All the Kids at Events

This weekend I got an email from one of the parents from Gavin’s soccer team.  She had taken several photos of all the boys playing soccer this weekend and uploaded them all online for all of the other parents.  In going through the pictures my jaw dropped at how awesome the pictures were…  They were almost all action shots, incredibly well focused, and flat out amazing!


How awesome that she took the time to not just get pictures of her own son, but she was sure to get pics of pretty much every player on our team.  While I watched and zoned in on how my son was playing she was taking in everything and making sure she got photos  of everyone.  In going through her pictures I’m amazed at all of the action and detail she managed to capture.

Interesting sidetone, she was also the parent who tagged in for me on Saturday morning while I was running and missed the first game.  Amy took Gavin AND another player along with her son to the game, took great care of them, took on my team manager responsibilities for the first game, AND took great pictures all day.  Huge thank you’s to Amy for all of the extra awesome she provided on Saturday!


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