Day 1,324 – Thankful for Still More Nudges From The Big Dude Upstairs

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a blog about being thankful paying attention to nudges.

Just last month I wrote this blog post about more nudges.

When I have spent time thinking about my blog tonight I kept going back to a handful of interesting coincidences from the past week or so.  There are many things I am thankful for today (including just happening to set my dentist appointment for two days after they re-opened) and I realized that they almost all shared one common bond…  they were all nudges.

Some of what’s happened includes the following:

  • A conversation with a friend reminding me of the importance of gratitude
  • A book review reminding the power of purpose
  • A conversation with my team reminding me of the impact one person can have
  • Multiple conversations relating to the importance of having role models to help us shape our behavior
  • A reminder of a story from a friend showing the power of positively impacting even just one person
  • A completely blown sales call that reminded me of what happens when I go against purpose
  • A handful of highly successful calls reminding me of what happens when I go with purpose
  • A unique opportunity to help someone specifically because it is the right thing to do
  • Seemingly random inspirational quotes all pointing in the same direction
  • Many reminders of how gratitude can increase the amount of joy in the world
  • and a few others which I’ll keep to myself for the time being

As I keep thinking through how all of them tie together I can’t help but notice that all of them keep nudging me down certain paths.  When I focus on certain things and directions I see how they fit.  When I go against the grain of them I find myself either struggling with internal conflict or a lack of passion and purpose.

While I still don’t quite have it figured out on how it all fits I’m certainly seeing that I’m walking on the right path.  Where does it go?  Who knows, and I’m okay with the idea of never quite knowing.  What keeps me moving is that I can tell that I’m making progress and moving forward.  Sometimes I seem to stray off the path, today I’m thankful for additional nudges that help guide my feet back to where they belong.



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