Day 1,323 – Thankful for Workshop Time with the Boys and Two Dead Flies

After our walk tonight the boys and I headed up to the workshop.  Dominic was focused on putting together the second deck box for Becky and it was great seeing him utilize the skills he’d learned from building the first one with me last week.  Gavin was helping me with a project I’m taking on.  In the process I taught him safe table saw usage, how to use a feather board, how to rip boards to size, and using a planer.  Throw in a couple of opportunities to test his shop math and it was great time.

I’m sure I’ve been thankful for workshop time with the boys at least a couple of times in the past, but I have to write about it again.  Spending time with them doing something I love, something that Dad loved, and something my Grandpas loved is fantastic.  Throughout the time together I’m often caught in a very amazing nexus of being present with my boys and at the same time remembering wonderful times with Dad.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Crazy to see that this is from two years ago!  Looks like I need to get a picture of us in the workshop in the near future!

Earlier today I heard a sound I hadn’t heard for a while, the buzzing of a fly in my office. At first I started to ignore it, but then I heard a second one.  After a quick moment of thought I realized I needed to take a few minutes and fix the problem.  Within a couple of quick (and frustrating) minutes the problem was solved and I was able to get right back to work without distraction.  And then I chuckled to myself as an idea came to mind…

This morning I got frustrated with a minor issue that’s been bugging me for well over six weeks.  Each week it’s a little pain – nothing evenly remotely serious – but it causes me to have to pause everything for a short period of time and get back to work.  I’ve known the fix for quite some time and I just hadn’t taken the time to do it because I always planned on doing it later.  The fix would take just slightly longer than the work around so I kept setting it aside.  Today I finally took care of it.  Which brings me back to the two dead flies…

There I stood chuckling to myself (and at myself).  How foolish that I didn’t take time to get fix of the annoyance right away, but I figured out I was better off just taking the flies out right away?  How often do I skip fixing something that is relatively easy to correct and yet I fix something that is slightly more annoying immediately?  This was definitely a great learning experience from a very mundane task.  To the two dead flies in my workshop, I salute you and thank you for your annoyance and lessons taught.


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