Day 1,325 – Thankful for Humbling Moments and Books That Are Better Than Great Movies

Hmm…  Speaking of nudges last night it seemed like I needed a nudge in a different direction.  Today there were several humbling moments throughout the day that caused me to pause and re-evaluate just how big the gap is between who I am and who I should be.  Some of them were rather humorous, some were very petty but indicators of other things and others were reminders of skills I need to take more time to hone.

One in particular reminded me of how I need to either let things go or help fix the problem.  During our nighty family walk after supper (a tradition during COVID times that I’ve become very fond of) I got all bent out of shape because we passed several people who were walking on the wrong side of the road.  When walking or running pedestrians are supposed to be on the left side of the road instead of the normal right side.  For some reason the simple act of others walking on the wrong side drove me BONKERS!!!  How silly is that?  For reals, there was no impact to me other than walking out of my path to go around them.  Also, I didn’t take the time to explain the right answer, I just complained and got irritated.  I didn’t let it go, I didn’t help to fix the situation, and I didn’t take time to just be thankful for so many people being outside getting exercise and smiling and waving as they passed.

Moments like that were around me often.  For clarity, they didn’t all revolve around frustration.  Some were a lack of action.  Others were a lack of discipline.  In others I was trying to control something I couldn’t control.  The biggest ones mainly involved me thinking a little too highly of myself and letting my ego get in the way.  Here’s the deal though, I am so grateful for those humbling moments.  They remind me of the work I have to do on myself while also reminding me that I’m making progress.


I’ve been listening to the book that inspired one of my favorite movies and my mind has been blown.  Fight Club is a movie I fire up at least once every couple of years.  I find it very entertaining and some of the thought processes in it leave me thinking (in a positive way, not the crazed chaos that is the second half of the movie).  I didn’t even realize there was a book about it until a content creator I enjoy said something about it.  I’m so glad I fired the book up, it’s been amazing!!!  If I thought the movie was great, the book is a couple of steps above it for many reasons.

This is one of those awesome times when the book is so much better than the movie.  For clarity, I know a lot of crappy movies from great books, but I mean books that are better than their already great movies.  In addition to Fight Club the other one that I think back to is The Godfather.  If you’ve enjoyed the movie but never read the book you’ve got to check out the book.  Incredible.  Flat out incredible.

Ahh…  always nice to go in with high expectations and find something even greater!


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