Day 1,326 – Thankful for Simple Things In Life, Playing Horse with Gavin

There were a handful for more deep and profound thoughts I was going to write about tonight. Lessons remembered on decision making, purpose, and role models. I might write about the in the future, but as I sit here on the couch and blog I’m still smiling wide after playing Horse with Gavin.

Funny how sometimes life gets so complex and confusing, or at least that’s how I make it. Stressing about things out of my control, taking on too many challenges at once, spreading my attention to thin, and so on. I so easily let it turn into a go, go, go mindset and next thing I know I’ve spent several days of the little precious time I have in a rush and blur of activity. Not only that, but once I accomplish something I want to accomplish something bigger.

Tonight Becky was online with her friends talking and Dominic hopped online with his buddies to play some games. I asked Gavin what he wanted to do and he wanted to shoot some hoops. Outside we went on a perfect May evening in La Crosse. At the end of our driveway we goofed around, played some basketball, and had an awesome time hanging out. As I kept smiling to myself after we played I realized some of the reason why I enjoyed it so much. I was hanging out with one of my favorite people in the world. We were outside and not distracted by anything except occasionally noticing just how perfectly clear the sky was and how perfectly we could view the bluffs in Holmen from our house. It was the two of us, no devices or phones, just us hanging out spending time together. It was a simple game to play and we were both 100% present in it. Our time together was simple, fun, and memorable in its perfectness.

All the big thoughts and ideas will have their day some other time. Tonight I’m thankful for playing Horse with Gavin and enjoying some of the simple things in life.


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