Even though it is Saturday we were up and moving before 5:30 this morning.  There was a lot we had planned for the day so we wanted to get at it early to have enough time to pack it all in.  We were on the trails early and it was awesome!  Shortly after starting we had an up close and personal experience with a bald eagle.  It was only 15-20 yards away in a tree and we were pumped to see it.  Along the rest of the ride we were able to enjoy relatively few people on the trails, many birds, and a bunch of other wildlife sounds.  It was so peaceful to spend time in nature on the trail with the family.  I so love the driftless area, the Root River Trail is an incredible way to experience it.  Being out early with my family on a Saturday morning made it all the better.


One of the big projects we’ve got planned for the next couple of weeks is re-finishing the deck.  The first step was what we took on today, stripping the old stain and prepping for the new one.  After some struggles we finally were able to make some serious progress on it today.  While my lower back is feeling a little stiff now it felt really great doing some manual labor.  Another huge benefit of it was that the work was immediately gratifying.  Each movement of the power washer showed what appeared to be new decking under the stain, mold, and mildew.  There was scrubbing, spraying, bending, twisting, and everything else and it felt wonderful!


Another highlight of the day was showing Dominic how to run the power washer.  We walked through how to use it, demonstrated how, ran it with him, and then he was off and power washing.  In a flash I was remembering when Dad taught me how to use new tools.  I remembered how it felt to be a son wanting to grab it and run right away and now having the twist of seeing Dad’s point of view made me chuckle.  I could feel myself squirm with discomfort as he took over and was nervous when I stepped away for the first time.  Quickly I felt more and more okay with it and next thing I knew I was enjoying the extra help.  Chalk up another one of those great father son moments I’ll remember forever.  I’m thankful for every single one of those with the boys.



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