Day 1,328 – Thankful for a Rainy Sunday and an Excellent Reminder of Each Failure Being a Step Closer to Success

I know there’s a pretty significant chance someone slaps me for this one, but I am thankful for the rainy Sunday we’ve had so far. The weather we’ve had recently has been pretty outstanding and there’s been a lot of sun. One day of gloomy, overcast skies and continual rain is very peaceful and was an excellent reminder for me to slow down and relax. Everything seems a little more chill today. The change in lighting is beautiful as well. The purple blooming lilacs in our neighbor’s backyard really pop against the steel gray sky. The grass seems even more green than normal. The lighting has been soothing. Today I’m just soaking in the feeling of the rainy day and enjoying the sweatshirt weather.

What a perfect day to spend some time up in my workshop! While I was up there Dominic finished the last flower box for the deck for Becky while Gavin and I made a sled for my table saw. Each of us were focused on the task at hand while occasionally talking or asking each other for tools. The time up there creating was fantastic as always.

After a while the boys had other things to do so I was up there on my own. There’s a project I am working on for some of my friends and I got to work on the next step of it. I had a specific plan in mind but opted to change part of the execution of it to both look nicer and add strength to it. In order for me to do this I had to build a box joint jig, something I’ve never done before. I was both excited to try it and nervous as I figured it would be a little tough to learn.

As I put the jig together and started making adjustments I had failure after failure after failure. The saw blade was too high. The pin was the wrong size. I started cutting the board in the wrong place. The pin was too far left. The pin was too far right. The pin was too far left again. Trial and error, trial and error, over and over again. The funny thing is that I’d often get frustrated at this. Sometimes I’ll get frustrated to the point of swearing. Other times I’ll get discouraged and switch to something different for a while. Today I was totally chill and even smiling while failing.

Each time I made a mistake I thought to myself, “One failure closer to success.” I would make a mistake and that mantra would go through my head, over and over again. One failure closer to success. One failure closer to success. I knew I would ultimately be successful at it, I would persist until I had completed the task. I was open minded to trying new things, I was confident in may ability to learn, and I knew each failure was teaching me something. One failure closer to success…

After a pile of failures guess what happened? I figured it out! It was kind of funny, while I was happy to have success I immediately moved on to the next challenge. After a while I realized that I hadn’t really paused to celebrate the hard fought success and I started wondering why. That’s when it hit me – I always knew I would be successful at it, it was only a matter of time. I knew resilience and growth mindset would win out, each failure was a lesson to help me grow, and I would be successful eventually. No need to get pumped and excited, it was all part of the process.

This project is going to stick with me for a while. The next times I run into a challenge I’m going to remind myself of this project and how I attacked it. I’m going to remember the mindset I chose while learning the new task and will remember that each failure is one step closer to success. Today I’m so thankful for the excellent reminder of each failure moving me one step closer to success – as long as I choose the right attitude. Confidence, willingness to learn from mistakes, resilience, growth mindset, and flexibility.


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