Day 1,329 – Thankful for Regular Time to Think Out Loud & Another Reason I Appreciate Blogging Daily

My Monday mornings have included a standing appointment for several years now.  At 9am each Monday I have a call with one of my mentors & business partners, Norm.  The original purpose fo the call still holds.  This call is an opportunity for me to pause, think about everything going on in business, and then determine my most important projects to focus on for the week.

One of the things I appreciate the most about this time is the ability to walk through my thought processes out loud.  Funny how ideas sound one way when they’re in my head and a completely different way when they’re said aloud.  Norm does an excellent job of letting me walk through the thought completely and then bounces great idea, questions, and counterpoints back off of me to help me round out the thought.  By the time we’re wrapping up I’ve had the opportunity to think through the concept from a few different angles, go down a few seemingly different yet still related paths, and then re-focus for the week.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I took it while in Australia and love the one single person sitting on the rock looking into the ocean while either deep in thought or deeply enjoying the present.

As we had our call today we had one of those moments when things were clicking well and his responses led me down a few different trains of thought than I was expecting.  While I was feverishly jotting down notes to retain I realized that there is another reason why I enjoy blogging so much.  In some ways writing a blog is very similar to thinking out loud.  When I start typing I have a general idea or two in my head.  Thinking as I type helps me get the thought out completely without overthinking and I often end up going in a slightly different direction than when I started.  The act of writing helps me flesh out the thought and see it differently.  Having the written thought process afterwards is a wonderful resource for me to review further down the road.  My blog post from yesterday about failing was a great example of that.  Blogging daily provides the opportunity for me to think out loud on my own without anyone listening, yet while allowing others to listen in and offer advice and ideas… and it’s saved for me to go back to when I need it. It’s a little gift I’m giving myself both now and in the future.


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