Day 965 – Thankful for 870+ Beads of Courage, Getting to Know a Teammate Better, and an Early Morning Walk with Becky

This morning started off on a high note as Becky and I went for an early morning walk.  I am so thankful for find pockets of stillness in our days to spend together.

At Kid’s Cup tonight I was able to spend some time with a teammate and it was awesome getting to know him better.  It was pretty awesome hearing that we have some similar interests.  How could I not be thankful for someone I’m able to talk about outdoor vacations with? 🙂


What still has me in awe tonight was the strength of a little boy and his beads of courage.      Every year at Kid’s Cup there is a family who speaks about how the funds raised from Kid’s Cup have impacted their lives.  The family tonight included a little boy with leukemia that was diagnosed this past 4th of July.

One of the programs supported with the money raised is Beads of Courage.  Every time one of the children has a procedure done or is poked with a needle they get a bead.  In less than a year this kid earned 870+ beads.  When his mom said that he wanted to show them to everyone his dad set a box on the floor, grabbed one end of the string and proceeded to walk across the front of the room.  After about twenty feet he finally had them all out of the box.  I was overcome with just how much this one happy title boy has already endured – and I can’t even imagine just how tough and brave he’s been.  He’s earned each of those beads and is still smiling.  What an inspiration!


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