Day 964 – Thankful for a Weekend Day at Home with No Agenda

Today has been quite the change of pace compared to the past month and change.  I didn’t have to wake up at any specific time.  There was only one thing planned that I was responsible for today, taking the boys to their Scout meeting at 4:30 and pick them up afterwards.  That was it, nothing else on the agenda.

Wow did it feel great to take things at my own pace.  There was still a lot that got done, but it was wonderful to get it done at the pace I wanted.  I worked for a while and then chilled.  I got a handful of things done that I’ve wanted to do for a while and then got a nice run in.  The boys and I played a game of Catan and then I had time to chill again.

When I was a kid days like this would drive me nuts sometimes, I’d just want something to keep me busy and moving.  Now as an adult days like this are fantastic once in a while!  With getting some work done I feel like I’ve had a chance to re-charge and I’m ready for the busy week ahead.



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