Day 960 – Thankful for Being Surrounded by Awesome Teammates

As I’ve started typing this I keep heading in different directions as I think through the day.  When I think about it though, there’s a pretty consistent theme.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many awesome teammates.

How did they exhibit awesomeness that I appreciate so greatly?  Here’s a short list (though it may end up being much more inclusive than I originally intend):

  • I have a couple of teammates who stepped up to give me some tough love and help save me from mistakes.  Those conversations took huge guts on their parts and I’m thankful that they pushed through the awkwardness.
  • There have been so many teammates who’ve stepped it up and taken their game to another level.  Without being asked they are rising to the challenge, a challenge they are putting themselves to because that’s just how they’re wired.
  • Some teammates have pushed through the difficulty of trying new things and learning new skills.  They’ve jumped into new tasks with no fear and have shared some of the successes and frustrations that they’ve had.  Their growth mindset is so awesome and inspiring!
  • One teammate in particular followed our core values to a T and made the right decisions in a difficult situation.  Even though it was a totally new task their values led them in the right direction.
  • When presented with a bit of a conundrum a couple of my teammates and I figured out how to master the AND of a challenge.  I’m so thankful for the way they kept trying to find the right answer instead of settling on the easy answer.
  • My teammates didn’t panic too bad this morning when I warned them that I was “even more Kreiling than normal” after I burst into the office after yoga, coffee, and a great conversation.
  • There were more times than I could count in which teammates got things done proactively.
  • Another teammate noticed something somewhat subtle that I’d done and thanked me to for it.
  • Yet another teammate connected on a personal level about a non-work related challenge and it was wonderful bonding with them.
  • A couple of past teammates even got in on the action and shared things that made me smile and remind me that even when we’re not working together directly we’re still a team/family.
  • On top of all of that there were so many moments of smiles as we worked hard helping people find work and helping work find the right people!  How much more could a person ask for?

As you can see from above there were so many moments in the past 24 hours that reminded me of just how thankful I am to be surrounded by such awesome teammates.  I  am so grateful for each of them.  They inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.



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