Day 735 – Thankful for a Day that Always Makes Me Smile for So Many Reasons

If you scroll through my memories from this day in Facebook you’ll probably notice a trend…

2012: 13 years ago today one of two things happened – depending on your perspective you can choose either:

A) Mike had a beautiful girl smile at him from across a church at a wedding. He immediately knew what he wanted out of the rest of his life & pursued her all night using his incredible charm, wit & intelligence to eventually get her to go on a date with him. On the ride home from the wedding he told his parents he would marry her & knew the rest of his life would be pretty awesome.


B) Becky learned of the incredibly horrific long term effects of heavy drinking after smiling at some weird redhead at a wedding.

2013:  14 years ago (almost to the minute) I looked across a crowded church and saw a smile on a cute blonde that changed my life forever. I still remember telling my parents that night that I was going to marry her.

2015:  Thankful for Crushed Dreams – A blog telling the story of how Becky and I met…

2016:  Thankful for a Smile that Changed the Direction of My Life – One smile was all it took…

2017:  Thankful for a Milestone with Becky – Our relationship is officially an adult!


Every year I can’t help but smile at the memories of this day.  So many dreams started on this day.  The boys are around because of this day.  This day has lead to so many wonderful moments, so much love and joy.  When I think back to all of the days of my life that have been the most impactful this is by far and away one of the biggest.  It remains one of the happiest days of my life.


While the day was great and there were so many things for which I was grateful I can’t help but focus on this one magic moment that has made all the difference and indirectly led to all of the other moments of gratitude today.  Thank you to everyone who made today a wonderful day, and thank you to Becky for seeing some potential in this dude and saying yes to a date.  Love you!


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