While flipping through some music to listen to as I got closer to the office this morning I stumbled upon something so fitting of today.  At first it was the initial chords that drew me in.  Quickly I was almost laughing at just how perfect the lyrics fit.  Thank you Bruce Springsteen for the inspiration this morning, My Lucky Day was spot on!

In the room where fortune falls
On a day when chance is all
In the dark of fierce exile
I felt the grace of your smile

Honey, you’re my lucky day
Baby, you’re my lucky day
Well I lost all the other bets I made
Honey, you’re my lucky day

Exactly 20 years ago (two full decades ago!) I looked across the crowded church, locked eyes with Becky, and fell hopelessly in love when she smiled at me.  From that one smile the course of my life tilted on its axis and shifted course in an awesomely positive direction.  When I think of the biggest pivot points of my life this one if tough to top.  How could I think of that day as anything besides my lucky day? 

Over the past handful of years I’ve written about it in more detail:

2015:  Thankful for Crushed Dreams – A blog telling the story of how Becky and I met…

2016:  Thankful for a Smile that Changed the Direction of My Life – One smile was all it took…

2017:  Thankful for a Milestone with Becky – Our relationship is officially an adult!

2018:  Thankful for a Day that Always Makes Me Smile for So Many Reasons – Every year I look forward to this day.

When Becky and I were prepping for our run this morning I made a comment that reminded me of something else I am so thankful for.  My pursuit of Becky was successful due to help from so many people that night.  Marissa kept building me up and pushing me to ask Becky out on a date.  Many of my cousins helped me win Becky over – though I don’t remember them cutting me off before some of my more horrible pick up lines 😉.  There were so many people there who kept encouraging me throughout the evening!  Thank you to all of you who played a part in helping to make my lucky day as incredible as it was.



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