Day 1,101 – Thankful for Soul Warming Memories On a Cool Fall Day

Isn’t it funny how a simple nonchalant comment can lead to an awesome memory?  One of my Menomonie teammates offered up muffins this morning.  “I even brought butter,” she said with a smile.  At once my mouth started watering and a memory from long ago exploded across my mind.

Way back in the day my Mom would occasionally make muffins for us on Sunday mornings.  I wasn’t a fan of blueberry so she’d go out of her way to make some almost plain ones; adding a pool of jelly in the middle of them.  When they’d come hot of to the oven I’d see just how much butter I could get away with stuffing in the middle of the muffin before being scolded (not gonna lie, that still happens today).  The muffin would soak up the butter and I’d enjoy each delicious buttery bite of sweet baked goodness.  Mmm…  and now my mouth is watering again!

Just thinking back to those muffins had me smiling thinking back to lazy Sunday mornings at home.  No cares of concerns, just sitting around the bar in the kitchen with my family.  So many peaceful and wonderful memories.

Yesterday I joked with Becky that while yesterday was “My Lucky Day” today is “My Dad’s a Jerk Day.”  (in a loving way)  The morning after I’d fallen head over heels for Becky and pursued her with everything I could muster I woke up to hearing my dad tell Becky something.  The gift opening was at my parents’ house and Becky had showed up about the time I was waking up.

“Don’t worry Becky, I already let Mike down and told him you took your beer goggles off.”  Of course there was a bunch of laughter – just not from me.  The funny thing is that with the passing of time I can’t think of that comment without smiling from ear to ear.  That was Dad being Dad.  I definitely miss some of those one liners and little (yet loving) jabs.

Along with yesterday being the 20th anniversary of asking Becky out it’s also the same anniversary of this picture with my dad.  Thanks to an awesomely thoughtful gift from my mom this picture hangs in my office today.  It is one of my all time favorite pictures of my dad and I.  We had so much fun that night, I am thankful for those memories.


With the cool fall air and the painter’s palette colored clouds in the sky I can’t think of a better way to warm my soul than those memories today.


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