Day 1,102 – Thankful for Changing Gears, From Audiobooks to Music

This morning was another long drive to start the day. Instead of diving into my audiobook I took a different option. I skipped right past the Audible app and opened up Music.

I bounced from one genre to another, often singing along in my own solo car concert. One song would remind me of another and then I’d see something totally different while finding that one on my car radio. I’m not sure that I’ve ever covered anything quite so eclectic. For reals. I honest to God covered music including DMX, Simon & Garfunkel, Rage Against the Machine, and Celine Dion. Yes, you read that right; I listened to her song from Deadpool 2. Throw in some mid-90’s favorites like this:

While audiobooks are still very much my jam today was a nice respite. Being able to just think while singing and listening was exactly what the doctor ordered on a nice cool autumn day.


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