Day 1,103 – Thankful for Hanging Out with Mom & Becky and Reliving Childhood Memories

How could a day not be awesome when it starts with over 10 hours of sleep, right?

My mom headed down early this morning and we spent the day on a mini road trip. We hit a winery, an orchard, a restaurant, a museum, a scenic overlook, another winery, a grocery store and finally our couches. I’m chuckling to myself as I’d almost forgotten everything we fit into the day!

The part I’m most appreciative of is the time hanging out with my mom & Becky. When we’re all together there’s usually a lot going on and many other people around. Today it was just the three of us (sorry you were working Brad!). It was wonderful hanging out and shooting the bull. Nothing crazy, just tons of time enjoying each other’s company.

As we started to wind down after one of my favorite meals (cheese, crackers, and sausage) we fired up some TV while we talked. Don’t ask how it happened but we ended up watching Lost In Space. Yes, the 1965 version. The same one Nick and I used to watch at Grandma & Grandpa Lamping’s back in the day!

Becky eventually headed to bed but Mom & I persevered. I had so much fun groaning at the old show while we both through jokes out left and right. It was awesome!!! What a great combo; reliving childhood memories while making some excellent adult ones!

What an outstanding day it’s been, so thankful for this time together!😁


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