Day 1,104 – Thankful for the Boys Making Grandparent and Uncle Memories, Sneaking In Some Extra Thought Time, Bonus Days, and Early Bed

How’s that for a hodgepodge this evening?

The boys had a pretty successful weekend of hunting with their Grandpa Ken and Uncle Matt. Dominic got a nice little four pointer. Gavin opted to pass on a few does. When they got in the car to head home I got to hear all about the memories they made this weekend. Coming hot off the heals of a day that reminded me of my grandparents I couldn’t help but smile.

While on the drive to meet up to get the boys I was able to sneak in some extra thought time. The book I’m currently reading, Range, provided some unique insight and thought exercises that were an added bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, a few days ago I was listening to a podcast that reminded me to pause at the end of the day before I fell asleep. In that moment I think to myself, “I have lived.” There is no promise of another morning and by putting this thought in my brain is helps me appreciate the day I’ve just had. It also helps ground me the next day when something doesn’t go the way I’d planned. When I notice I’m getting frustrated I just think back to my thoughts at the end of last night and realize this is bonus time. That little mind hack helps me be more thankful for the bonus time I have.

Last, it’s dang near bedtime. Back in the day I’d argue and fuss over going to bed at this time. In younger days I wouldn’t even think of going to bed this early for fear of missing something. Tonight I’m pumped to get to bed, get a full night of sleep, and start my bonus day tomorrow well rested.


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