Day 1,105 – Thankful for Remembering to Choose What to Focus and Reflect On

This has been a wildly full day from start to finish.  For reals, I’d be hard pressed to think of a day that was quite so jam packed in recent weeks.  The morning was filled but good.  An early start at work worked out very well as the work day was a blur of action through the later than normal ride home.  There was a quick break to eat while standing in the kitchen and then off to the races to take Dominic to band only to find out that he didn’t need to be there until 30-40 minutes later.  Run back home, pause for a few minutes and catch up on emails, and then back off to his concert.  Afterwards chill and enjoy dessert with friends, and now off to bed.  Whew, I’m going to sleep well tonight!

As I was thinking about my blog my initial thought went to a couple of the more frustrating things throughout the day.  Nothing terrible or brutal or anything, just extra stressors I wasn’t expecting.  Realizing a couple of mistakes I made.  A couple of projects that took longer than expected or that I didn’t have time to work on.  Feeling like there’s not enough time, no right answers, and feeling like I’m letting people down.  Throughout this busy day it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.  I thought about all that for only a minute and then laughed at myself.  I could then hear my own voice asking myself the following:

“What about the time with Becky being outside this morning under the starry sky watching a satellite cruise across the sky and thinking back to camping in Boy Scouts when I would lay on my back and watch those same stars?  What about the time spent listening to a couple of great songs while driving to work with the moon roof open?  What about all the time spent with my teammates and seeing their successes?  What about all of the 40-ish texts from a group of friends spanning 40-ish years of memories in creatively chosen GIFs?  What about some of the successes with recent clients?  What about having a conversation with a teammate that was more focused on being a friend than a teammate?  What about the referral from someone who very rarely gives referrals?  What about the opportunity to fix mistakes?  What about the remembering the benefits fo taking time to make a decision when there’s time to make one?  What about an awesome time shooting the bull with Dominic while driving?  What about enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the sun?  What about time on the phone and then on FaceTime with my brother?  What about enjoying a marching band concert that Dominic and some of his friends are in?  What about randomly having friends over late at night to enjoy a totally unexpected dessert?  What about the tremendous feeling of accomplishment of knowing that I’ve really sucked the marrow out of the day today?”


And I laughed.  Yes, there were challenges, frustrations, and everything didn’t go as planned.  Who gives a shit?  {yes Uncle Buster, I know I shouldn’t swear in my blog, but this time it feels pretty fitting 😉 }  Really?  We all have stuff like that in all of our days.  Some days there is more, some days there is less.  In each day there is also an overwhelming amount of positive things. Some days there is more, some days there is less.  At the end of it all the deacons is mine to decide which I focus on.   Which should I dwell on?  Which will I let define my day and thereby define myself?

Today I am focusing on the positive AND the negative.  I choose the positive as it has filled my heart with joy many times over.  I also choose the negative as it has provided opportunities for me to learn, grow, and find ways to become a better me.  Today I intentionally choose to focus and reflect on both as my life is made more complete by all action of the day; and that intentional focus is something I’m so thankful for this evening.

To everyone who played a role in my day, thank you!!!  Whether we walked away happy or frustrated, in agreement or in conflict, or with a finished project or more questions our presence in my day has made it a day I am thankful for.


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