Day 1,099 – Thankful for a Seemingly Unending Stack of Books

You’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a reading problem. While I consume most while driving I also have a paper stack that seems to always grow just a smidge faster than it shrinks.

Tonight as I laid my newest beauty on top I chuckled to myself. Of the books below it I’ve got a few started that I need to wrap back around to. Will I finish them before I start digging into the new one? 🤔 Only time will tell (in about 15 minutes).

Regardless of the choice I make tonight there will be at least the same, if not more, choices tomorrow night! My stack will probably not shrink and could possibly grow by tomorrow… what’s that? There’s a new Simon Sinek book coming out in two weeks? Dang, I’d better get reading!

Thanks to everyone who’s let me borrow books, shared book recommendations, or have otherwise pointed me in the direction of a certain author.


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