Day 370 – Thankful for a Milestone

Just when I think that I’ve got the perfect idea or two for the blog something happens and I change it up.  Today was that kind of day.  There were things that came up completely out of the blue, making progress on projects, and a philosophical idea that I was going to focus my gratitude on, but as the day kept going I knew there was really only one direction to take my blog today.

Exactly 18 years ago today I was able to sweet talk a beautiful blonde into giving me her phone number and agree to a date the next weekend.  You can read about the actual event on blogs from last year and the year before (click here and here).


I still remember riding to my parent’s home from the wedding and telling my mom and dad that I’d met the woman I was going to marry.  It was already a done deal in my mind, zero question.  There haven’t been many, if any, moments when I’ve been so sure of anything.

Here we are 18 years later, that memory is officially an adult!  My mind is blown thinking that here we are, our relationship growing from newborn to adulthood, and I’m happier and more in love than I was at the beginning.  Sure, life is complex and it’s not all perfect, but there’s a joy in continuing to find ways to stay happy, in love, and having fun the whole time.

18 years later my life is even more complete than I’d imagined it would be on that early October night.  For that I am grateful!


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