Day 371 – Thankful for Another Milestone

Super proud of, and thankful for, my Winona team today!  In every business there’s usually one goal, maybe two, that really tell the story of your team’s success.  In our case one of those two measurements is the number of local businesses we have our people placed at.  The more businesses we have people placed at the more different opportunities we have to offer, the more opportunities to offer the better the odds of getting them in the right career.

Winona started out the year averaging 45 clients each week (clients is the term for the businesses we have our people {associates} placed)…  This past week we hit our highest total almost ever (with the exception of a special project a handful of years ago).  We have our associates working at 64 clients just in Winona!!!  Up until last week we couldn’t quite break past 61, but this week we jumped huge!  Over the past four weeks we’ve averaged over 60 clients per week, we’ve increased by 33% since the beginning of the year – how awesome is that???


My team has been busting their butts over the past 9+ months and I’m so thankful that they’re seeing the incredibly awesome fruits of their labor.  I’m beside myself with pride and gratitude for this team, they continue to blow past what we thought was possible and reset bigger goals.  Congrats on crushing it!!!



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