Day 736 – Thankful for Remembering to Take Quiet Time to Think Today

Two years ago n this day I was “Thankful for Taking Quiet Time to Think Each Day.”  As soon as I saw the picture and the title that day popped right back into my memory.  Fortunately I saw this post early in the morning and was able to take action on it today.   Over the past couple of days I’ve finished up one audiobook and moved onto the next.  With the fresh memory of my post form two years ago I paused the recording while driving to Menomonie and just drove in silence for a while.

Much of the quiet time was spent thinking about the work day in front of me and working through strategy for the next few months.  Other time was reflecting on that day 19 years ago when we had the gift opening at my parents’ house and I confirmed that Becky was still willing to go with the “yes” she’d given the previous night for our date on the upcoming Friday (“Yes, fine, whatever!”  Ahh..  the romance was mutual :P).

At one point I was able to just silence my thoughts and enjoy the view around me.  When I shut the “voice inside my head off” I can more clearly appreciated what is all around me.  The leaves changing color on a distant hill.  The contrast of green grass, golden corn, and dark gray skies.  The bluffs with their exposed rock faces.  A bright rainbow arcing across the sky.  All the while the sun would occasionally peek out from behind the clouds and light up the leaves on the trees like a spotlight to more perfectly accent their colors.  So beautiful!  Every moment and view focused on the natural world brought me great joy and I was so thankful to be there experience it.


As I would soak in the world around me a great idea or two would emerge from my freshly uncluttered thought process and show itself.  Before I knew it I’d found answers to many questions and challenges I’d been facing earlier on the drive.  Funny how sometimes I need to remember to take three steps back, breathe, be thankful for all God’s gifts around me, and then the answers start to appear.  I’m so grateful for remembering to take some quiet time to think today!


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