Day 1,912 – Thankful for Laws of Attraction

Once again I’m amazed at how the universe seems to work sometimes. When there is something specific I need to hear, need to witness, or need to have attention drawn to it seems as if there is a never ending supply of that very thing… if I remember to watch and listen closely for it.

Today I found comfort and understanding from an unlikely source. A nugget of wisdom that helped me see I wasn’t alone. A conversation reminding me of purpose. Quotes leading me toward me growth. Thoughts pushing me towards where I want to go in the next twelve months. Reminders of the blessings I have to be grateful for. Opportunities to live into the type of me I should grow into.

All I need already surrounds me. I must remember to listen, breathe, and surrender to it rather than assert my desires onto the present. Before I ask for what I want God has already provided what I need.


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