Day 1,911 – Thankful for Music In the Car, Thoughts of 2022, and Re-Reading an Entertaining Novel

My drive to work started with The Woods by Hollow Coves and led into another handful of their songs. Time alone in my car, my space to breathe and think. As I once explained it to a teammate, my car is sometimes the cave I need to disappear into to reset a bit. Listening to Hollow Coves while driving by newly formed stalactites of ices hanging impossibly off the bluffs with a pinkish hue thrown off by the soon to rise sun was total bliss. The moon slowly setting behind the bluffs over the rolling hills of the cemetery added more beauty and wonder to the drive. Yes, I drive a little ways out of my way most days in Winona to intentionally pass slowly by a cemetery… A wonderful reminder to live in the moment while I am still fortunate to have one.

One of the songs helped get me moving towards a possible theme for me to consider for 2022. My mind has been drifting to next year and thinking about my goals and focus for the upcoming spin around the sun. In the lyrics of the song I heard a line which came so close to summing up my thoughts… so close, but just not quite right. Progress, always an excellent feeling.

Recently my reading list has been full of some pretty dense and thought provoking stuff. I’ve still got my copy of The New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton on my nightstand, but I realized I could use a little levity. After considering a handful of potential reads from friends I couldn’t help but go back to favorite of mine – Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. What’s interesting to me is the depth I’m finding in it this second time around. I remember bits but not much of the actual plot and am getting a deeper insight into the characters on this second trip with them. It’s fun, entertaining, and exactly what my brain needs at the moment (along with an early bed time).


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