Day 1,913 – Thankful for My Ever Growing Album of Quotes

A while back I started using the WeCroak app to get several quotes throughout the day to remind me to be present and alive in this short time I am blessed to have. When I saw a quote that really hit home for me I took a screenshot and saved to go back to for future reference. Once in a while, and more often recently, I go back through the album of those saved quotes and review them.

Through reading and rereading the quotes I’m starting to get the at a deeper level than I initially did. The more I go back to them the more I catch myself recalling them during my waking hours without the need of a reminder. They keep helping me hone my thoughts and values while reminding me to stay present.

Such a simple practice, taking a screen shot of great quotes. Maybe next year I’ll start writing them so I have a physical copy to go back to for review. I can see taking them out in the solitude of the woods to read and think on while surrounded by nature. Somewhere in that peace they may take an even deeper root.


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