Day 1,914 – Thankful for a Walk In the Woods and Timely Advice from Stephen King

Nothing like a long walk in the woods, especially in the sun on an unseasonably warm day. This afternoon we had the opportunity to hit some of Ken and Mary’s trails. While the boys zoomed through the woods on four wheelers with their cousins we wandered the trails with no set destination. What a wonderfully relaxing way to start sometime off!

Before we left town I paused and struggled to decide which book to bring along with. I kept leaning towards some of the more dense reading I’ve been doing, but I knew I was forcing it rather than going with my gut. At the last second I happened to notice If It Bleeds by Stephen King. In an instant it was packed up in the car.

My brain needed to get some space and relax. Reading it has felt like the right decision for sure. I was quickly rewarded more than I’d imagined possible. Imagine my surprise when I came across a paragraph which helped offer advice to a challenge I’d had. Without getting into too detail the paragraph was more specific and detailed than I could ever have thought possible. It was truly uncanny. Leave it to Stephen King to surprise me yet again!


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