Day 1,906 – Thankful for Unseasonably Warm Weather and an Unusually Early Bed Time

The weather today has been ridiculous! On my drive home from work today my car’s thermometer read 67 degrees. I’d usually be ecstatic to see a number starting with a 4 at this time of the year. Due to the quickly melting snow and ice the fog was about the thickest I’ve ever seen. There was one spot in Winona in between the two lakes where visibility dropped to almost 15 feet!

Fingers crossed that the approaching storms aren’t too crazy, there’s a sharp line moving forward as the front pushes north and east. If this was happening during the day I’d most likely be figuring out the safest place to observe it from. Instead, I’ll be…

…going to bed extremely early. Yessir, this old dude is heading to bed before 7pm. I’m not sick or under the weather, I’m just wore out from quite a bit of busy-ness over the past few days and I’ve got another busy string of 7+ days ahead of me. If I take advantage of relaxing and heading to bed early tonight I can pre-charge my batteries a little extra. Sure, I’d like to do some other stuff tonight, but it seems like some good self care through sleeping is exactly what my body is requesting. Will do body, off to bed!


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