Day 1,907 – Thankful for Advice From an Expert

One of my favorite parts of Saturday Night Live back in the 90’s was Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. Amongst his many humorous quips was something along the lines of:

“Sometimes the so called experts actually are.”

Jack Handey

After all these years it still makes me chuckle!

While I often like to fix things on my own there are times when it is best to bring in the experts. I was reminded of this today as I reached out for advice on a specific challenge. Prior to the conversation I’d done plenty of homework and thought I already had it all figured out, but I still wanted the expert advice to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

As luck would have it my assessment was proven to be pretty much spot on. Before I could congratulate myself for my work the expert then else to down an entirely different path that I didn’t even know existed. By the time our conversation was complete I’d quickly realized how improved my thought process could be thanks to the advice I’d just received.

There is a definite cost to expert advice, but it is money well invested. Through one conversation with an expert my outlook has been greatly improved.


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