Day 1,905 – Thankful for Another Lesson from My Old Man

I have to admit, once in a while my old man actually knew what he was talking about. Of course I admitted that to him many times while he was alive. There were countless phone calls in which I apologized to him for things I’d done as I realized how frustrating they were because my boys had just done the same to me. Those were some of my favorite conversations with him. I still chuckle when thinking of some of them.

Today I followed through on something Dad role modeled for me many years ago. Back in the day I always thought it was neat but I also didn’t quite get it. As I’ve gotten older and possibly a little wiser I’m starting to see why he did what he did. Not gonna lie, Dad knew what he was doing. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from him.

Dad may be gone, but I was sure to let him know how grateful I was to have had him as an example to follow.


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