Day 1,899 – Thankful for Remembering to Let Go and Not Feed My Ego All the Time

Chase something with intensity and it refused to be grasped. Relax and let go you will find it already resting in your hand.

Earlier in the day there was a point in which I wanted clarity. I wanted a specific answer so I knew if I would succeed or fail. Every core of my being was focused on having something laid out in detail. Then the right answer was put in front of me. It was the perfect answer – there would be no structure.

But how would I know if it were done? How would I measure the success? How would I judge the result?

By asking the questions and wanting clarity I was already forcing my will upon the answer rather than letting the answer appear as it should. In removing boundaries the result will have a better likelihood of being significantly more successful than I could have imagined. My imagination, or lack thereof, was the biggest constraint in the solution.

This presented itself in a couple of different ways in my life today. I like goals, I crave attainment. The feeling of accomplishing is a huge motivator for me. My ego is fed by checking a box and looking at the score. Some things were not meant to be scored or judged. They just “are.” When the need to fulfill my ego is removed there is a deeper level of success in which the results are greater than “my” focused effort of keeping score would have provided.

I must remember both sides of the coin. Some things must be pursued diligently and grasped tightly. Some things must be released and let go without chase. Wisdom is knowing the difference.


PS: This thought definitely needs to ferment more. There’s a baseline message and I feel it will bubble up over the next few days or weeks. I’m also thankful for planting this seed, knowing it is not perfect, knowing it needs to grow and develop, and being okay with that.

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