Day 1,900 – Thankful for a New Addition to My Shelf of Wisdom

Certain books sound a specific note in my soul which reverberates the remainder of my life. The wisdom they contain creates change in me or in the way my consciousness views the world. I can often review my more positive action lawsuit and draw a direct correlation to a lesson learned from a book on this shelf.

I’ve recently added Awareness by Anthony de Mello to this list. The concepts have blown my mind page after page and add such depth to some of the other books on the shelf… and I still have a quarter of it to go! More details to follow in another post 😉

Today I’m grateful for adding a new addition to this shelf. As my boys get older I envision buying them a set of these books to take with them to read when they are ready. They helped to shape me and mold me into who I continue to work into being. Each addition to this shelf adds to the depth of knowledge and helps me grow in ways I never knew possible. Each book a gift, a lesson, an opportunity for growth.


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