Day 1,898 – Thankful for the Beautiful Simplicity and Complexity In a Snowflake

Many directions to choose from today, which will I choose?

  • A profoundly purposeful business meeting?
  • The seemingly unending luck in adding new talent?
  • More deep thought thanks to an inspiring book?
  • Gavin’s fantastic performance in his first band concert in two years?
  • Seeing the firsthand development of a business relationship?
  • Focusing on the use of logic rather than emotion?
  • Pausing to recognize strong progress throughout the past year?

All of those could be blog posts in of themselves, no question. What really hit home today was how grateful I am for the first beautiful snow of the year. The gentle fall of puffy snowflakes with incredibly detailed patterns and geometry. Such a dichotomy in each flake – so simple and yet so complex. The beauty in both the simplicity and complexity reminded me of the different depths of all aspects of life. Nothing is just one thing, what it is on the surface, there is so much more to everything, and yet the beauty in both simplicity and complexity remain.

Note to Future Mike… there is always more than seen, more levels to consider, so much understanding lost in realizing how little is actually known. The more I learn and know the less I truly do. The simple and complex snowflake is a wonderful representation of that duplicity.


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