Day 1,680 – Thankful for Getting Back to Normal/Namaste

Another step back towards a combination of the life I lived pre-COVID with an appreciated slice of post-COVID insight.

Tonight was the first night Becky and I went back to yoga at Root Down. Pre-pandemic it was our at date night at least once each week. Sweating while stretching our bodies out in a heated room was one of the ways we’d decompress and enjoy some time together. The focus on breathing helped me to stay 100% focused on the present moment while helping me to release the stress of a busy week. Throw in some wickedly unexpected exercise and it was a wonderful way to pause while doing something I deeply enjoy with someone I greatly enjoy spending time with.

As one could imagine yoga wasn’t very COVID friendly. When the classes were full there were people a foot to my left, a foot to my right, and a foot behind me. Dozens of people all sweating together, respirating in a confined space together, and exercising until we were all breathing heavy. Kinda gives me a panic attack now just thinking about it 😉 Of course it wasn’t that bad, it just seems so unlike what we are supposed to do today.

Tonight was AMAZING!!! Sure, we were wearing masks and spaced out from each other by at least 6-8 feet, but it was still every bit as wonderful as id remembered.

Stretch. Breathe. Great reminders / stories by the instructor. See the people we’d see every week. Exercise. Sweat. Be present. Chill. Awesomeness.

Nope, this isn’t a yoga pic, but it’s a pic of one of my happy places.

What made it all the more special was a slice of wisdom from living in post-COVID world… I was even more grateful for the experience as I’d had the opportunity to experience the loss of this treat. It was made all the more special today as I appreciated it more than think I ever have.


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