Day 1,679 – Thankful for Another Step Closer to “Normal”

The agenda this afternoon included both a soccer game and a band concert, one for each of the boys. Soccer has already been on tap for the past handful of weeks so that felt like it was already back to normal. Seeing Gavin and his team play one of their best games of the year was pretty awesome. Kudos to Gavin for hustling all game long even when the sun was beating down and the wind died off.

What really struck me today was the band concert. The kids played very well and the acoustics of the bandshell at Riverside Park were pretty spectacular. Seeing Dominic on stage with his classmates was wild! The last time this had happened was about 16 months ago. Cue the thoughts about the weird time twist / nexus that has been the past year.

Upon arriving at the concert I ran into my friend Mitch, whom I haven’t seen in at least 14 months. We shot the bull and caught up for a while until we started to find our spot on the launch to watch the concert. Walking toward our desired spot of grass led us right past some of our other friends whom we haven’t seen in a long time. We had just enough time to joke around and kid each other a bit. It was awesome!!!

Spending time at the concert was another step towards getting back to “normal” life, and I’m grateful for all the smiles it provided today.


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